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Flat Bed by Trailer 45 feet
Brand Name : FLAT BED (Trailer)
Brand Code : TL100
Dimension : 13,7M x 2,45M x 2,5M
Jenis Kendaraan : 6×2; 6×4
Segmentasi : Besi Baja, Konstruksi, Cement
Wood, Material
 Produk non Curah
Heavy Duty Bulk Carrier
Brand Name : Heavy Duty Bulk Carrier
Brand Code : CT114
Jenis Kendaraan : Tronton / Trailer
Segmentasi : Produk  Curah
Heavy Duty Chemical Tank
Brand Name : Heavy Duty Chemical Tank
Brand Code : CT100
Jenis Kendaraan : Tractor Head/Tronton Tangki
Segmentasi : Asam Sulfat (H2SO4), Amonia(NH3)
Wing Box
Brand Name : WingBox
Brand Code : WB100
Dimensi : 9,7 M X 2,45 M X 2,5 M
Jenis Kendaraan : Tronton
Segmentasi : Consumer Goods, Retail
Asbes, Gula, Garam
Muatan ringan non curah
Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Segmentasi:Pasir, Batu Bara

Brand Name : Heavy Duty Dump Truck
Brand Code : DT100
Dimensi : Call
Jenis Kendaraan : Tronton
Produk Curah

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