About Us

We are a large logistic family that works together to do everything with quality as priority, over quantity.

Our Story

Established since 1982, BAJA TRANS has been known as a reliable company in all matters of land transportation on the island of Java - Bali, all logistics matters in Indonesia from national coverage to export and import abroad.

BAJA TRANS is able to survive and grow, thanks to the fundamental values ​​instilled by our founders. It's not enough to get something from point A to point B, we strive to provide an unparalleled service. We look for innovative and reliable solutions that can be integrated efficiently and sustainably for all of our business partners.

BAJA TRANS serves transportation needs to customers by offering various solutions for reliable transportation needs (on-time delivery) and from all levels of customer business, both small and large scale businesses. Winning the trust to provide the best solution for the transportation needs of customers is an honor and pride for BAJA TRANS.

We focus on you.
Everything we do is amied at your satisfaction.

Our Vision

To become the main transportation and to be the reliable partner that plays important role in the delivery of national and international goods.

Our Mission

To Build BajaTrans and to excel in the transportation sector by understanding various customer needs, and come up with the best solution for business or individual customers.

Our Core Values

We stand by our values because they’re what made us and unite us.


We believe integrity is a professional and personal responsibility.


Our work is meaningful to us, we are passionate and we belong here.


We are always there for customers and reliable in various situations.


We are committed to provide the highest quality service to exceed expectations.


We are constantly developing innovations that increase efficiency.


The safety and security of customer cargo is the priority of our business.